Sponsorship Program

What is the Sketchy Off-Road Sponsorship Program?

The Sketchy Off-Road Sponsorship Program is a similar partnership between Sketchy Off-Road and ambassadors, only better!  We want to sponsor those who show the most Sketchy support and emphasize who we are and what we do!  We sponsor those who are looking to create epic builds, attend car shows/meetups, Jeep events, and share great content with their followers.

What’s my Benefits?

  • Free Sketchy Off-Road Welcome Package - please allow up to 5 weeks for delivery.
  • Access to thousands of products from multiple manufacturers at cost.
  • A personalized 10% discount code to share with your followers.
  • Have your photos and Instagram stories shared on Sketchy Off-road's instagram page.
  • First access to new merchandise, discounts, and sales.

What’s the difference between Sponsored & Ambassador?

  • Those who are sponsored by Sketchy Off-Road have shown dedication and upmost support by becoming part of #teamsketchyoffroad as an Ambassador.
  • Ambassadors get a maximum discount of 15% off retail pricing.
  • Sponsors get product at cost, with some select products being 100% free. 

Team Requirements:

  • Post an image of a Sketchy Off-Road logo with hashtag #teamsketchyoffroad at least twice a month on Instagram. 
  • Like Sketchy Off-road posts and follow on Instagram & Facebook
  • Display Sketchy Off-Road vinyl decal on your ride, can be custom cut in your preferred color to match your build. Either on both the sides of your Jeep or as a banner across the windshield.
  • Include in your Instagram bio that you're sponsored by Sketchy Off-Road.
  • Post special Sketchy Off-Road announcements such as giveaways and or sales when asked to.
  • All team members will undergo quarterly reviews to ensure program responsibilities are being upheld.  Failure to complete above requirements will result in removal from the sponsorship program. Requirements and benefits subject to change.

Click here to read the sponsorship program details before applying.

Sponsorship is only eligible to Sketchy Ambassadors. 

Interested in becoming an ambassador? Click here!