Who is Sketchy Offroad?

Hi and welcome to Sketchy Off-road!

Our names are Ashley and Justin, and we were both born and raised in Florida. We've been married almost 5 years now, and we have always had a passion for exploring and nature. Most of our time has been spent on the white sand beaches of the Anclote Islands here in Tampa Bay.

In February of 2020, Ashley's father was selling their family Jeep, a little 2006 Solar Yellow LJ, and Ashley didn't want to see the family jeep go to a new home. With a little convincing, we ended up with it. Little did we know, the Jeep had a off-road adventure accident at Hardrock Ocala where she slipped off a rock and bent up most of her steering and suspension, making her almost undrivable and reliable - and honestly anyone who drives a TJ with suspension issues know they are SKETCHY as all to drive.

Thus, Captain Sketchy was born! Over the past year her she really lived up to her name, as any almost 14 year old TJ/LJ would.

Since then, Captain Sketchy has an awesome following of over 6,000 amazing followers on Instagram, and just about everyone in town knows who she is! We have joined a few Jeep clubs and met a bunch of awesome people, and even had our hand at hosting some awesome rides.

We decided to launch Sketchy Off-road with the goal of hosting rides and events with any off-road rigs welcome, and now we are broadening our horizons to include great off-road products at a great price.

See you on the trails!